Choosing The Right Pencil And Sharpener

colored pencils

It might seem so simple for some to choose and use a pencil, but when you want to do it right, following some steps might mean complete success for your mission.

First off you have to ask yourself what you are going to use the pencils for. Think if you’re going to write a book, a homework or simply draw or sketch something when you’re bored at work. If you tend to press heavily on your pencils, you’re going to wear them a lot faster. In this case, a good pencil sharpener could keep you prepared at all times. See more at Maxcnash.  Some go for the bold point whereas some people don’t care that much and easily mistreat their pencils.

Try to also use good erasers for your pencils or try to protect them with eraser caps.

Take a look at your present pencils and give a thought to what’s the favorite thing about them and what you like the least of them. Some pencils simply fit in your hands better, whereas others are more difficult to manage.

This might sound weird for some, but not everyone loves a good traditional pencil and go for a mechanical one instead. You don’t need to sharpen a mechanical pencil, but you need to have around a supply of the right sized lead in case of anything. You can get also a more consistent line with a mechanical pencil and more refined details. As a plus, the mechanical pencil remains the same length, no matter how long you use it. This is why they are more expensive, especially if they are branded.

Standard pencils are low priced, but they give you the chance to express your personality through various angles, width of lines that you can draw with them. You need to sharpen them but the feeling of holding and using them is one of a kind.

Choose the right lead diameter for your mechanical pencil. Go for the 0.9 mm pencil if you like pressing heavily on your pencil and stick with a 0.5mm for the lighter writing. In addition, you get more precision with this lead diameter. If you’re still undecided, get a 0.7mm one-it’s right in the middle.

Did you know that you can find pencils with a large, padded grip? This kind of pencil has a cramp-resistant grip in case you’re writing a novel.

The lead hardness is also something to consider when choosing your pencil. The medium size is HB which is a #2 pencil and this is the most popular lead hardness on the market. A soft lead gives dark lines, whereas the hard lead gives you a light line. It’s easier and faster to sharpen a softer lead with a pencil sharpener. The softer lead crisps edge faster also and it’s the other way around for the hard leads.

Think if you want your pencil to have specific features also. You might care for a built-in eraser or a comfortable grip more. The price might be also something you need to consider.

Get some professional colored pencils if you want to color. Even though the price is higher, they’re worth it and you get a great range of colors to choose from.

If your needs go beyond some coloring, then try to adjust your pencils to your specific needs. It’s the case of charcoal pencils which give the darkest black or of carbon pencils that create such special drawings. When you draw on a glossy surface, a grease pencil (ceramic or smooth plastic) is the right choice.

As a last thing, never forget to get a pencil sharpener if you stick with standard pencils. A pencil like that can only be used for so long without being sharpened 🙂


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